...On Comments...

Hey friends, just a little message on commenting on this website. Please read this before you leave comments within this space.

First of all, your comments won't automatically be published when you submit them. Why is that? Simply because we need to check them to make sure they're OK to be published. Now, OK doesn't mean that only positive feedback will be published. Your comments and constructive criticism are always welcome. We're all unique individuals and have a right to have different opinions, at least within this space. We also have a right and responsibility to treat each other with respect and kindness, no matter the background.

This is why, any comments including any of the below (or may easily be interpreted as so) won't be published:

  • Racist or bigoted or discriminative speech
  • Anything that is abusive to another individual
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Descriptions of violent or criminal acts
  • Any comments that seem to have only been left for the purpose of advertisement or promotion
  • Unlicensed copyrighted material
  • Threats, harassment, or personal privacy violations

In fact, as soon as I come across them, it will give me the outmost joy to delete them - especially if they offend anyone else - so all the negativity turns right into digital dust. As the owner of this website, I reserve myself the right to remove and not publish any comments I don't see fit at any given time.

I believe we can have discussions, give feedback and constructive criticism, etc. without always being on the same page. It is in keeping calm that we can create understanding. It is understanding we can use to make this world a wee bit of a better place. Don't let fear and hatred guide the creation of your words and actions.