Hey there!

I'm Saphi!

Currently living in New Zealand, I left Germany a few years ago to travel across South America. Not having the slightest idea of what lay ahead. Who does anyway, right?

When I'm not hugging trees I spend my time running, climbing, hiking - just anything in the outdoors.

I also try my best juggling around words in a somewhat meaningful, useful or at least entertaining way. Most often referred to by me as writing.

And that is basically what you will find here within this little space inside the Internet-verse: writings about my experiences within, maybe sometimes without, the outdoors.

Always believing that outside of our comfort zones is when we start living, learning and connecting.

Sound interesting?

Well, grab yourself a cuppa something and keep scrolling :)

Tracks by Country

Last track added: Argentina - Sendero Cerro Guanaco, Tierra del Fuego (published on: 24.09.2021)



Capital city: Buenos Aires
Population (2019): 44.94 Million
Area: 2.78 million sq. km
Population Density: 17 / sq. km



Capital city: Santiago
Population (2017): 17.57 Million
Area: 756,096 sq. km
Population Density: 24 / sq. km

New Zealand

New Zealand

Capital city: Wellington
Population (2018): 4.7 Million
Area: 268,021 sq. km
Population Density: 19 / sq. km

Quick Guide



Overnight Tramping/Hiking

This is a good place to start if you want to get a good base for camping in general but also to get prepared for different conditions.

I've pitched my tent in a few sometimes very diverse places. What I learned at one place sometimes was of no use at the other. Here's a little collection of these experiences.



Gear & Equipment

Things can look a lot different with the wrong (or right) gear.

Take a click if you want to know about what I take with me on single or multi day hikes.




From packing heavy cans and voluminous packs of pasta in the beginning to ready made trekking food to creating my own dehydrated food mixes. Here you can dive into all kinds of inspiration for what to pack as fuel for your body.

Plant based and always aiming to be as nutritious and energizing as need be when out and about.