Reading is vital.

By reading we may be transported into another world. To feel compassion. We get the opportunity to be part of someone else's experiences, fictional or non-fictional. The more diverse our reading material the more diverse our understanding will become.

We're also presented with an abundance of knowledge written down and interpreted by many, many writers. By picking up a book, print or digital, we are able to access this knowledge.

All the places our minds are able to travel to simply by reading a few lines. Your physical existence may still be in the library, living room, park, lunch room, on the bus,... but your mind can go wherever you decide. Maybe even deep into someone else's emotional world. We can go back or forward in time. We can imagine what the characters of stories we read about look like. Feel emotions that are described, smell certain smells simply by reading someone's description of them.

I can't count the times I've laughed out loud while reading a book - much to the amusement (or shock) of strangers around me -, had tears run down my cheeks, felt anger build up inside by imagining to be or be with the character put in an unjust position, felt hope when I thought there was no reason to. So often would I carry a story, especially one based on real events, with me for much longer than I would take to read it. Some of my own stories begin with or include a book.

This is where we come to the purpose of this digital sort of "book club". You will get regular updates about the books I'm reading. Hopefully this will not only inspire you to read but also to share about your own reading material, favourite books or any writings. I'm always happy to get inspired by others. So if you want to share your reading experiences and/or recommendations, leave a comment here or DM me via email or Instagram.


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